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The USRB is located in southwest China and stretches from the tropical south-east in Yunnan Province to the sub-frigid semi-arid northwest in Xizhang (Tibet) province. The Salween river is, along with the Yellow river, Yangkzhe, Mekong, Indus and Bramaputra, one of the great rivers which has its source on the Tibetan plateau. A few hundered kilometers downstream of its source, the Salween makes part of the renowned Three Parallel Rivers area together with the adjacent Mekong and Yangkzhe rivers. Here is where the USRB is located within China.

The USRB stretches over four different climate zones: the sub-frigid, the temperate, the subtropical and the tropical zone. In the map to the right, these climate zones are shown. Particularly the difference between the temperate and the subtropical areas, combined with great differences in altitude account for an extraordinary high biodiversity.

This present website has been developed by Christophe Lienert, MSc (geography with emphasis on hydrology), in the course of the research project dealing with the hydrogeography of the USRB. Thank you for visiting this website. Your feedback and any kind of suggestions are appreciated. Salween, Saluen, Nu Jiang, Nujiang, Hydrology, Hydrogeography, Geography, Tibet, Yunnan, Xizhang, Xizang, Maps, Data, southwest China, Precipitation, Hotspot, River, Discharge, Runoff, Temperature, Temperatures, potential Evaporation, Biodiversity, Climate Change, El Niño, ENSO, temporal, phenomenal, spatial, Analysis, Christophe Lienert, Chris Lienert, Universität Bern, University of Berne, GIUB, Center for Biodiversity and Indigenous Knowledge, Kunming Institute of Botany, CBIK, Thesis, Yongde, Dedang, Basu, Baoshan, Baixoi, Baxoi, Biru, Naqu, Nagchu, Nagqu, Suoxian, Sogxian, Zaindainxoi, Dingqing, Dengqen, Gyamotang, Mucheng, Daojie, Changning, Gongshan, Fugong, Shangba, Lushui, Luzhang, Liuku, Zhenkang, Fengwei, Kejie, Mengpeng, River, Dam
Salween between Gongshan and Fugong. Survey map of the USRB with the climate zones and their demarcations. The full name of the abbreviated gaging station names can be found in the temporal analysis section of the website. The first bend of Salween north of Gongshan.
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